Marketing topics

Here as some of the marketing topics I’m qualified to present

Please keep in mind that all the webinars, breakout sessions, workshops and seminars I present for my clients are customized to their specific needs. Click here to see a sampling of titles of some of the presentations I’ve done.

B2B demand generation

  • Sales lead generation
  • Lead generation tactics
  • Lead generation offers (calls to action)
  • Sales lead management (inquiry handling or response management)
  • Lead qualification
  • Lead nurturing (Prospect relationship marketing)
  • Lead follow up
  • Converting leads into sales
  • Tracking and measuring lead program activity, results and ROI

B2B marketing

  • Marketing planning
  • Marketing strategies
  • Marketing budgeting
  • Marketing messaging
  • Marketing-driven lead generation (Marketing for leads)
  • Demand generation
  • Marketing offers (calls to action)
  • Marketing communications
  • Marketing media
  • Marketing tactics (traditional and online)
    • Advertising
    • Trade shows and events
    • PR
    • Events
    • Direct mail and email
    • Telemarketing
    • Websites
    • Directories
    • Online lead services
  • Marketing technology
  • Marketing to support sales
  • Relationship marketing
  • Marketing resources
  • Marketing materials fulfillment
  • Online marketing
  • Integrated marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Account based marketing (ABM)
  • Marketing management
  • Outsourcing of marketing services
  • Marketing operations
  • Marketing and sales integration
  • Marketing-driven business development
  • Tracking and measuring marketing activity, results and ROI

Business-to-business direct marketing

  • Databases and lists
  • Leveraging CRM systems
  • Lead generation copy
  • Lead generation offers (calls to action)
  • Email
  • Direct mail
  • Text messaging (SMS)
  • Telemarketing (in-house or outsourced)
  • Click to chat
  • Tracking and measuring direct marketing activity, results and ROI

Online marketing

  • Search marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay per click and sponsored search
  • Online media selection
  • Online lead generation
  • Content syndication
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • E-newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Online resources for marketers


  • Lead generation
  • Lead follow up
  • Telemarketing (inside sales)
  • Integrating marketing into the sales process
  • Networking for leads
  • E-commerce and catalog sales

What would you put on a list of things that you believe the best speakers have in common?

Your list might contain things like a warm personality, an engaging presentation style, the ability to motivate people to take action and is easy to work with. I’m also guessing that your list includes something about the speaker’s expertise and experience with the topic he or she will be addressing. With that in mind, here is more information about the topics I have the expertise to address:

Business-to-business marketing for leads and sales

The topics I speak and train about all revolve around B2B marketing focused on generating leads, sometimes called B2B demand generation. In other words, how to use marketing to generate more leads and drive more sales for those that sell products or services to other businesses.

In general, those products or services fall into one or more of the following categories:

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Mac, you are an astonishing speaker. After two days and 13 other sessions, our Summit attendees were drooping. You cheerfully trooped out, shared seri...

Anne Holland

Past Publisher,
When I bring an idea to Mac, he makes it better– he ensures the content is relevant to the audience, and delivers in a highly effective manner. Our ...

Anne Decker Wangthamkua

Director of Channel Marketing, Avalara
You were absolutely outstanding! Really! You were a tremendous hit with our audience and we were very fortunate to have you as our closing keynote spe...

Bob Cargill

Past President and NEDMA ’06 Conference Co-Chair, New England Direct Marketing Association
Mac’s webinar provided our sales channel with cost-effective, time-efficient methods to generate more leads immediately. He has been a guest spea...

Deb Carpenter-Beck

Marketing Director, Sage Software
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Mac. He has helped in the enablement of our partners by teaching them how to use marketing to drive lead...

Sonja Maxwell

Partner Development Manager, Microsoft
We’re just starting to get serious about marketing, so the timing of Mac’s course was perfect. His practical, real world experience for driving sa...

Andrew Steane

Director, Marketing & Alliances, imason inc.
Mac has spoken to our sales and marketing executives on four occasions. He combines an extensive knowledge of sales and marketing issues with excellen...

Michael Duff

Executive Director, Analytical & Life Science Systems Association
Mac’s in-depth knowledge of our industry allowed him to tailor fit a presentation that directly spoke to the day-to-day marketing challenges facing ...

Gina Mead

Product Marketing, Sage Software
Mac, you will be gratified to know that everyone at your seminar came up to me afterward and said not only how useful and educative the session was fo...

Robert K. Dagger

CEO, The Harlequin Group
We are always looking for presenters like Mac McIntosh. The consummate professional, Mac has never let me down. Not the first time that I used him in ...

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President, MCAA
Mac’s program enhanced our publication’s credibility in our market as he showed our advertisers how to get the most bang for their advertising buc...

Lawrence R. Coutts

Publisher, Nephrology News & Issues