B2B marketing webinar, seminar and workshop titles

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Sample Titles: Webinars, workshops, seminars, breakout presentations

Titles of some of Mac McIntosh’s presentations

This is an alphabetical list of webinars, seminars, workshops or breakout sessions I’ve done for clients. Every presentation is updated with what’s working right now in B2B marketing.

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  • 20 proven techniques for generating more high-quality sales leads
  • A dating approach to growing your small business sales, revenue and profits: How to use sales-winning, relationship marketing to nurture prospective customers until they are ready to buy
  • Aligning marketing with sales for better results
  • Avoid cold-call selling by using proven marketing tactics instead: How to lower-cost marketing to boost the effectiveness of your more expensive sales efforts
  • Best practices in lead generation today: New ideas that really work
  • Bridge the gap between marketing and sales with your website
  • Demand generation: Proven strategies, tactics and tips that work best today
  • Direct marketing workshop
  • Drive small business leads and more sales with marketing: What’s really working today for?
  • Event marketing: How to use events to drive your business
  • Four, three, two, one, blastoff! A four-step approach to using marking to launch your sales into a higher orbit
  • From the B2B marketing front lines: A report on using marketing to identify and nurture qualified sales leads.
  • Generate more small business leads and sales with (Company’s) help: Learn how (Company) can help you prospect, nurture, qualify and close more sales.
  • Generating, nurturing & qualifying sales leads: Best practices in new business development
  • Generating, qualifying and converting leads into sales: What’s working best today
  • Getting buy-in from the CEO, CFO and VP of Sales
  • Getting marketing done
  • Go vertical to accelerate your marketing for leads and sales
  • Helping your channel partners sell more
  • How prospect relationship marketing can double your sales from b-to-b leads
  • How to boost your sales results by up to 260% by effectively managing your sales opportunity pipeline
  • How to bridge the gap between marketing & sales
  • How to determine your marketing budget and get it approved
  • How to focus your lead generation efforts on the right small business prospects: Rather than trying to “boil the ocean” with your limited marketing and sales resources, generate more leads and close more sales by focusing your efforts on the right kinds of prospects.
  • How to generate more high-quality sales leads, turn them into sales, track and measure results and prove to management that your marketing communications programs are paying off
  • How to get your CEO, CFO & the folks in sales to buy into your marketing programs
  • How to leverage targeted marketing to sell, up-sell, cross-sell and resell your customers
  • How to market for small business leads and sales without leaving your office: Generate more leads and more sales from your desktop on a shoestring budget
  • How to prove to management that your marketing is paying off
  • How to use customer profiling, database segmentation and relationship marketing to pump up the volume of sales leads
  • How to use direct mail and e-mail to produce more qualified leads
  • How to use marketing to drive leads and sales
  • How to use proven database marketing techniques to create a steady stream of qualified sales leads for your salespeople, reps, distributors or resellers.
  • How to use public relations as part of your marketing for leads program
  • How to use relationship marketing to increase sales from leads
  • How to use telemarketing to find more qualified leads
  • How to use vertical or niche marketing to help win the race for new business
  • How to use your website to accelerate your leads and sales
  • Implementing database-driven, relationship marketing programs: Proven strategies & tactics for maximizing your return-on-marketing investment
  • Lead generation for VARs, ISVs and System Integrators
  • Marketing for leads and sales
  • Marketing for leads and sales boot camp
  • Marketing for leads and sales: What’s working today and what isn’t.
  • Marketing for leads recipe for success
  • Marketing strategies and tactics for driving more leads and sales: The latest thinking
  • Network for more leads and sales: Generate leads and build sales-winning relationships by networking with the people who can give you referrals or put you to work
  • Organizing & maximizing your company’s sales & marketing infrastructure
  • Outsourced sales lead management: When, why and how to make it happen
  • Prospect relationship management: The secret to creating a steady stream of qualified leads for sales
  • Proven offers and calls-to-action you can use to generate more (small, medium, larger business) leads and sales
  • Proven strategies & tactics for maximizing your return-on-marketing-investment
  • Proven techniques for generating more high-quality sales leads, turning leads into sales and tracking results
  • Proven techniques for generating referrals: Learn which tactics work best for getting more sales-winning referrals
  • Questions to ask yourself and the answers you need to succeed as a sales or marketing leader
  • Sales lead generation: What’s really working today
  • Sales leads: What’s working today, and what isn’t working, in regard to generating, qualifying and converting leads into sales
  • Search engine optimization: The key to having your website found when prospects search on the internet
  • Selecting mailing lists and building databases: How to do it right
  • Staying ahead of the pack: An update on the latest marketing tactics you need to know about
  • Telemarketing: Best practices for generating, nurturing and qualifying leads by phone
  • The changing marketing landscape: Which way to go and what tools to use to get there
  • The truth about cats and dogs: Get marketing and sales working together for results.
  • The value of marketing: Cost-effectively filling the sales pipeline
  • To get favorable press in print and online, and how to use it to get found when people are searching on the subject with the leading search engines.
  • Tracking leads and measuring ROI: The key to bigger budgets, more staff, the respect you deserve (and maybe even a promotion and raise!)
  • Turn your website into a sales lead generation machine: Simple changes that can make your website far more effective at turning visitors into leads and leads into customers
  • Use your website to bridge the marketing & sales gap
  • Using marketing to drive more leads and sales: Your recipe for success
  • Using relationship marketing to turn leads into sales
  • Using marketing to generate sales winning referrals
  • Using marketing to help up-sell, cross-sell and resell existing customers
  • Using PR to build your brand, boost awareness and generate leads: How
  • Using prospect and customer personas to create better marketing
  • Using relationship marketing to build sales
  • Using the phone to prospect, close and keep your customers
  • Want more qualified leads and sales? Use a relationship marketing approach
  • Whose job is it anyway? The roles of your marketing, inside sales and field sales organizations in today’s marketplace
  • Winning the race for more sales: A proven, four-step sales lead development approach
  • Winning the race for new business: A database-driven prospect relationship marketing approach that really works
  • Wish lists: What sales really wants from marketing. What marketing really wants from sales. (And, what both really want from management)
  • Work smarter to boost sales: A framework for effectively managing your leads, accounts, distributors and time to maximize your sales
  • You’ve got the marketing basics covered so what’s next?
Mac, you are an astonishing speaker. After two days and 13 other sessions, our Summit attendees were drooping. You cheerfully trooped out, shared seri...

Anne Holland

Past Publisher, MarketingSherpa.com
When I bring an idea to Mac, he makes it better– he ensures the content is relevant to the audience, and delivers in a highly effective manner. Our ...

Anne Decker Wangthamkua

Director of Channel Marketing, Avalara
You were absolutely outstanding! Really! You were a tremendous hit with our audience and we were very fortunate to have you as our closing keynote spe...

Bob Cargill

Past President and NEDMA ’06 Conference Co-Chair, New England Direct Marketing Association
Mac’s webinar provided our sales channel with cost-effective, time-efficient methods to generate more leads immediately. He has been a guest spea...

Deb Carpenter-Beck

Marketing Director, Sage Software
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Mac. He has helped in the enablement of our partners by teaching them how to use marketing to drive lead...

Sonja Maxwell

Partner Development Manager, Microsoft
We’re just starting to get serious about marketing, so the timing of Mac’s course was perfect. His practical, real world experience for driving sa...

Andrew Steane

Director, Marketing & Alliances, imason inc.
Mac has spoken to our sales and marketing executives on four occasions. He combines an extensive knowledge of sales and marketing issues with excellen...

Michael Duff

Executive Director, Analytical & Life Science Systems Association
Mac’s in-depth knowledge of our industry allowed him to tailor fit a presentation that directly spoke to the day-to-day marketing challenges facing ...

Gina Mead

Product Marketing, Sage Software
Mac, you will be gratified to know that everyone at your seminar came up to me afterward and said not only how useful and educative the session was fo...

Robert K. Dagger

CEO, The Harlequin Group
We are always looking for presenters like Mac McIntosh. The consummate professional, Mac has never let me down. Not the first time that I used him in ...

Cynthia Esher

President, MCAA
Mac’s program enhanced our publication’s credibility in our market as he showed our advertisers how to get the most bang for their advertising buc...

Lawrence R. Coutts

Publisher, Nephrology News & Issues