Steps to implementing a marketing program that drives new business

Follow these steps to tune up your B2B marketing program and drive new business.



  1. Determine your corporate revenue goals. I suggest you set three goals at three levels:
    1. Minimum
    2. Target
    3. Stretch
  2. Determine percentage of your company’s revenue that needs to come from new business.
  3. Determine the percentage of your company’s new business revenue needs to come from marketing generated leads.
  4. Determine the definition of a “qualified sales lead” that sales and corporate management agrees with
  5. Determine how many qualified B2B sales leads are needed to meet these revenue goals
  6. Determine how many new inquiries are needed in order to identify enough qualified B2B sales leads that can close during the period.


  1. Determine the “pain” your products and services address
  2. Determine the “pain relief” your company can provide
  3. Determine your company’s competitive advantages and how best to articulate them
  4. Determine the best companies and contacts to target with your lead generation efforts


  1. Determine where to find these companies and contacts
  2. Determining the B2B marketing resources already available
  3. Determine and prioritize how best to communicate with your target companies and contacts
  4. Determine and prioritize tactics for eliciting inquiries from these companies and contacts
  5. Determine and prioritize tactics for identifying qualified sales leads
  6. Determine and prioritize tactics for nurturing your “not-yet-qualified” leads until they are determined to be qualified

Sales tools

  1. Determine and prioritize the sales tools needed by your salespeople to
    1. Demonstrate the pain relief offered by your company (both products and services)
    2. Demonstrate the advantages of selecting your company instead of its competitors
    3. Propose
    4. Close sales


  1. Determine how best to measure the effectiveness of your B2B marketing programs designed to
    1. Generate inquiries
    2. Identify qualified sales leads
    3. Nurture not-yet-qualified inquiries
    4. Provide sales tools for your salespeople
  1. Determine how best to communicate the results of your B2B marketing programs to management

Resources and Budget

  1. Determine the resources and budget needed accomplish the above and meet
    1. Minimum goals
    2. Target goals
    3. Stretch goals
  2. Use your B2B marketing plan to justify the budget
  3. Get budget approved


  1. Determine the best schedule of B2B marketing activities, designed to
    1. Generate some short-term results to demonstrate competence and ROI
    2. Generate a steady stream of qualified sales opportunities and sales tools for your salespeople
  2. Determine resources needed to implement these activities
  3. Assign responsibilities
  4. Start implementing!

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  1. Feliks Wojcik October 13, 2018 at 3:00 pm #

    Loved the article – our challenge was scaling this. Creating defined personas, researching leads, A/B testing approaches, landing pages etc., was fine on a small scale but now that we are in growth mode, we are finding it increasingly hard to justify the time required to do this. Colleagues suggested trying a data enrichment or lead generation companies (RightHello, Bant. io, SalesWhale) – anyone had experience with this?

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