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Here’s what clients had to say about my B2B marketing consulting services

Clients report that I am easy to work with and do my homework to understand your business and your particular situation. Read more to find out what it’s like to work with me:

Mac, you bring tremendous value to my company. We have generated more leads in the last 45 days than the last 2 years.

David Payne

CEO, Advanced Systems Integration, Inc.
I hired Mac to help us take our sales lead generation to the next level. We had several objectives: shortening the time it took us to get leads into sales hands, improving the quality of the leads by arming sales with more intelligence about the leads, establishing reporting and measurement and expanding our lead generating efforts. Mac has a wealth of knowledge in the field of sales lead generation and management and he knows how to apply that knowledge in a practical and results-oriented way. Mac was chosen because we didn’t want a “cookie cutter” solution and we needed someone who could work with our existing processes. Mac’s sage counsel input and direction were instrumental in obtaining our objectives for sales lead management.

Chris Chariton

V.P. Marketing Services & Product Management, GlobalSpec
Mac is one of the very best marketing consultants available for a mid-market software sales and consulting firm like Synergy Business Solutions. He gave us great counsel that is already paying dividends with our marketing campaigns through increased response rates.

Jered Cady

Executive VP, Synergy Business Solutions
Mac’s expertise and knowledge of technology markets drove the creative in-depth marketing recommendations he provided us. His consulting proved to be the tune up we needed to improve our campaign results. Mac’s expertise and knowledge of technology markets drove the creative in-depth marketing recommendations he provided us. His consulting proved to be the tune up we needed to improve our campaign results

Michael Camp

Marketing Manager, Synergy Business Solutions
Mac McIntosh is an outstanding strategic sales and marketing expert, providing his clients with highly strategic, insightful, and actionable recommendations that enable them TO make immediate improvements in their lead generation activities, selling more to existing clients as well as identifying and approaching new customers. When I was at Microsoft, I engaged Mac to conduct strategic sales courses for our partners and to provide personalized sales advice and recommendations to my largest regional partners. Mac is always up to date on the latest sales trends. His recommendations and insights were always “right on target” and his insight helped our partners make immediate improvements to their sales pipeline. Mac is a pleasure to work with, and is a dynamic and engaging public speaker. Mac is also equally engaging during his one-to-one consulting engagements. He possesses a rare ability to quickly assess his client’s market position and transform that assessment into both “big picture,” strategic recommendations, as well as very specific suggestions to make immediate improvements in existing ongoing demand generation and lead qualification activities. When I need strategic B-to-B selling advice and consultation, Mac is one of the first people I call!

Jennifer Smart

Senior Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems
We used Mac very effectively a decade ago when I was at a different company in a different B2B market and am pleased to report that he’s as effective today in a different market sector with the challenges of a new multi-media world. I highly recommend Mac.

Andrew J Weber, Jr

CEO, Farm Journal Media
We hired Mac to assist us with refining our Marketing plans. He truly understands this area very well and gave us very good ideas to improve our execution in this area. Mac is truly an expert in the marketing field and we recommend him.

Mahendran Ramanathan

President, Retail Technology Experts
Subject matter expert is the overall best description I can give Mac’s abilities. While building 3Com’s America’s response management organization it was a requirement to pull together a comprehensive lead management/development strategy in order to align all the stakeholders from 14 product divisions. All these stakeholders wanted to deliver leads to the “field” from various customer touch points. Mac helped me build the framework that provided the value proposition to these stakeholders. This enabled me to build out what was a world class infrastructure of significant scale to support the generation, development and distribution of leads to 3Com’s field and Partners. I owe Mac a lot of credit for enabling me to focus on what mattered…actionable, relevant data on opportunities for the field to follow up on! I would hire Mac again if the opportunity presented itself.

Dennis Donahue

Senior Director, Global Channel Partner Operations, Symantec
When it came to the outsourcing of marketing services, Mac proved to be a real expert. He helped us to quickly create a short list of the best vendors in the marketplace as well as a detailed RFP that clearly illustrated our requirements. His work resulted in us selecting a great company to help with our sales and marketing materials fulfillment.

Suzanne Jansson

Senior Director, Marketing Communications, Aspect Software
As the new marketing specialist at CriticalEdge Group, Mac really helped me get my feet on solid ground. He helped us build and append a database of targeted prospects and create a suite of offers (calls-to-action) designed to encourage prospects to respond to us. These steps were instrumental in developing an effective sales lead generation plan for our Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting and financial software firm. Mac is easy to work with, prompt, up-to-date on the latest and greatest, and shares information that a starter or seasoned marketer can understand and take something away from.

Meghan Carmody

Marketing Coordinator, WebMD Publishing Services
I had the pleasure of starting my career with Mac at his company before moving on in my career. Many of the things that Mac taught me still guide me today. After leaving Mac’s company I hired him to help Anvil Cases redevelop our lead management process. Mac’s work helped make us more efficient and effective, and many of the processes that he helped put in place are still in effect today. I know that when needed I can call on Mac to help give us guidance and an outside perspective that is sometimes needed to correctly guide our business.

Art Foxall

Sales Manager, Anvil-Calzone Case Co.
Mac McIntosh is one of the foremost experts on sales lead management who I have encountered. Mac’s deep knowledge of this subject and his willingness to share his ideas and best practices make him a very valuable resource for anyone looking to expand their expertise in lead generation, lead management, lead nurturing, lead qualification, and converting leads into sales in the B2B arena. Mac knows from experience what know what works and what doesn’t and his insight can help to spare those of us, who don’t do this full-time, the frustration and delays of costly trial-and-error approaches.

Rich Carvill

Corporate Brand Marketing Manager, Gates Corporation
When NSK wanted to improve its lead management process, Mac was selected. Mac is an effective listener; learning quickly and providing clear feedback and timely follow up. His ability to quickly understand our challenges and create a strategic approach tailored to NSK was impressive. My team and I enjoyed working with Mac; his flexibility, extensive experience, and clear directives brought the sales and marketing departments together, thus building a team approach to developing new business.

Darcy Draft

Marketing Manager, NSK Deutschland
When it comes to developing and managing sales and sales leads NO ONE is more knowledgeable (than Mac). We have (worked together) on projects and I am always impressed with Mac’s innovative approach to any situation. When your business needs help, Mac is your guy.

Len Ganz

National Sales Manager, Boston Convention Marketing Center
Mac is one of the brightest minds in sales and marketing that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He possesses deep expertise, (particularly in telesales and telemarketing), all the way from overall strategy (online and offline), lists, marketing mix, and the deepest details of campaign execution and measurement. He is also a joy to work with, and a person of high integrity.

Ken Stone

Region Marketing Manager, SMS&P, Microsoft Corporation
I’ve worked with Mac on various projects since 2001. Not only does Mac thoroughly know B2B sales leads and how to help companies generate more of them he is wonderful to work with. I recommend him to any company looking to revamp its marketing and/or increase revenues with targeted lead generation campaigns. You won’t find a more highly qualified expert.

Dianna Huff

President, DH Communications
Mac McIntosh was a major influence in my decision to focus on Demand Generation and ROI of marketing in my career. Mac recognizes the synergy needed within sales and marketing to be successful and can help you bring your teams together to achieve your goals! Over the past 20 plus years, I have also relied on Mac’s well-rounded expertise to conduct successful marketing service searches. His attention to detail helped to develop partnerships with key providers. I know that I can always count on him to assist with my projects because he always gets the job done right and cost-effectively and has been able to meet some very tight deadlines. When the marketing’s contribution to bottom line matters to your organization, Mac is THE Marketing Consultant to call on.

Charlie (Kathryn) Shafton

Director, Demand Generation, Aspect Communications
Mac is no ordinary consultant. He doesn’t profess theory, but actual tried and true, easy to understand principals that when implemented, work! I highly recommend Mac to help drive your lead generation to new heights. He has tremendously helped our organization grow, and we will be sure to use his services again in the future.

Karen Brooks

Vice President, Qorpak
Mac has done a superior job (consulting with) our clients on how to best generate, qualify, and convert sales leads from B2B media, as well as determining ROI. He raises the awareness level of our client base sufficient to improve our selling efforts.

Bill Cariello

Publisher, Associated Construction Publications, Reed Construction Data
Mac has been integral to the success of my growing company. Mac is extremely knowledgeable of all things sales lead management related. He has strong business acumen and I find our annual audits to continue to bring actionable recommendations that improve my business financials, operations and strategies. Mac brings great value to my organization by helping me understand and navigate the complexities of integrating disparate operations within our mutual clients. His depth and breadth of experience, combined with his business acumen and strong work ethic, are a powerful combination that produces significant and immediate results. I highly recommend Mac to any company facing sales lead management issues or any marketer needing to prove value or improve results.

Mike Wallen

President/Founder, The Lead Dogs
Mac is a true expert when it comes to integrated sales and marketing, specifically B2B lead management. His style is engaging and effective, and he has delivered great results for me on multiple projects over the years. I would highly recommend Mac for both large and small projects, his pragmatic approach guarantees success from strategy through execution.

Cliff Langston

Director, Global Marketing, Sigma-Aldrich
Mac has advised thousands of companies on how to increase and measure ROI on marketing investments. As mechanisms for lead generation and CRM change, his services are needed and valued now more than ever.

Chris Crocker

Senior VP, Media, National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT)
Our company was expanding in leaps and bounds and we needed to assess if what was successful for us in the past would work on a global level. We asked Mac to evaluate all of our marketing materials and advertising. We also asked him to help us expand our direct mail program. In short order, all of our materials had a global look, and we ran a very successful test direct mailing. Mac’s the best. His diligence and focus on our company have allowed us to increase sales and give the competitors a run for their money!

Claire Londress

Marketing Manager, American Harlequin
Mac is extremely knowledgeable and helpful on many (marketing and sales) topics especially lead generation. Mac is a very valuable resource who I have used many times and I would highly recommend his services.

Rick Bellefond

Owner, RB Data Services
Mac, your advice was worth its weight in gold. Thank you so much for helping us!

Carolyn Chasten

CPA, CIPT, Ironware Technologies
Mac’s reputation as a sales lead expert is well earned. He consistently delivers practical and innovative advice that organizations of all sizes can leverage easily and immediately to improve their demand generation. Mac played a key role in launching our global lead management initiative, contributing his expertise from the high-level process definition stage straight through to supplier selection. His perspective was invaluable, short on “fluff” and long on pragmatic recommendations that directly helped us drive our business. I’d recommend Mac to others and would hire him for work in the future without hesitation.

Michael Moore

Senior Partner Marketing Manager, Microsoft Corporation
Although there is no marketing 'Silver Bullet,' Mac has taught us how to successfully make a science out of marketing for leads and sales.

Jeffrey Goldstein

President, Queue Associates
Mac, the information you shared absolutely shaped my entire marketing approach, which is now revving up full steam with PR, new website, monthly touches, blogs, contributed articles, speaking engagements, etc. You provided real world information that allowed me to sift through the myriad of marketing possibilities as a technology solution provider, seeking out and prioritizing activities and funds towards those things that pay off most. I am happy to report some early successes already. You are a wealth of information for a business owner/marketing department. Thank you so much.

Gia McNutt

CEO, Special Order Systems
Mac helped us create a marketing plan to generate sales leads and drive sales for a new product. He pointed out strategies and tactics that we didn’t think of and helped us fine-tune our plan. He then kept in touch as we implemented the plan, helping us make better decisions about how best to proceed. We have developed and implemented marketing plans on our own for years, but have never (before) accomplished the results that we received with Mac’s help this past year! This was a new product roll-out and we hit every goal we set. Thank you, Mac.

Tom Conley

CEO, LectraMedia
Mac was a great help in focusing our efforts in the most important areas in which we needed improvement, and his advice has proven itself time and time again.

Joan Welty

Director of Marketing Communications, Automation Direct
Mac spent two days with us and offered real actionable advice, advice that has already been successful for us.

Peter Sanburn

Marketing Campaign Specialist, Itron
Mac always surprises me with the inventiveness of his solutions, the soundness of his reasoning, and the consistency of his above-expectations results. His appreciation and application of basic principles of selling (and following through) are the very things that many organizations tend to overlook… at their peril. Yet Mac helps them grasp the essential nature of those basics, tweaks them to fit the specific needs of the organization (in terms of personnel, competition, and matching products/solutions to prospects’ needs/problems), and elicits those wonderful moments of revelation when people think (and sometimes say), ‘How could I have missed that? It’s so sensible… and obvious.’ And, of course, effective.

Peter Altschuler

VP Marketing, NetOffice
Mac was able to understand our business, clarify our messages, optimize our website and present real ideas for our business that will yield profitable results.

Ronald E. Lang

President, Majestic Consulting Group
Mac McIntosh is a real pro who has a very clear understanding of our business issues and challenges. Plus, he’s a great guy with whom to work. He gets the job done on time and on budget.

Bob Derr

Partner, Vista Financial Advisors
Mac McIntosh’s drive, enthusiasm, insightfulness is unmatched and we consider him a member of our team. He has demonstrated his ability to share his knowledge and is committed, over time, to marketing leadership.

John Peace

Managing Director/COO, Accountnet
Within 24 hours after meeting with Mac, we were able to implement at least five action items resulting from our time with him. He helped us to determine the best ways to market ourselves and to focus and refine on that. He also provided contacts, websites, and situational examples that allowed us to move ahead right away.

Anne-Claire McAllister

President, Accountnet
Mac McIntosh has been an amazing resource for our organization to work with. Not only does he have a great knowledge of our industry, he has helped my company in key areas of our sales and marketing program that showed immediate results. We could not have achieved this level of success without him. Try Mac, you will never look back!

Paul Fountas

President, MicroComputer Resources
While running marketing for both ManagedOps and Surebridge, Mac McIntosh was instrumental in helping me develop clear marketing strategies and program tactics that produced results…FAST. His marketing knowledge and vast experience with lead production, prospect marketing and demand generation allowed him to immediately add value to our organization Day ONE. There is no doubt that the companies I worked for repeatedly achieved Inner Circle Partner status because of the ROI that Mac McIntosh has helped produce with our marketing efforts. I am at a new software development company now but know that when our product is commercially released, Mac McIntosh will be the resource I call to build demand. If you have limited marketing resources, be smart and invest some of it with Mac? You’ll be very glad you did but more important, so will your sales people!

Chris Houpis

Senior Manager, Field Marketing, Kronos Incorporated

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