The components of a successful B2B telemarketing call

Successful B2B telemarketers must understand the basics of a successful call

From the opening statement, to engagement and qualification, to close. Each of these stages has techniques and skills that a successful telemarketer must master.

In the opening statement the telemarketer gives his or her full name and the company name, and explains the reason for the call. Outline techniques in the training session on how to get past the assistant or executive gatekeeper by showing that their call is important to the assistant’s boss.

Once the right person is reached, the call moves to the engagement stage. This is basically finding out if there is a match between their needs and your offer. Here is the critical point where the ability to ask effective questions and to gather pertinent information will make a difference. While they are uncovering the prospects’ needs, the telephone marketer is also building the case for the prospect to meet with the sales staff.

It is here in the training that the new employee must learn how to handle prospects objections and generate real leads. You’ll want to include a list of every possible objection and practical responses for each one. If the telemarketer has the qualities of a problem solver, they will engage the prospect in a helpful way vs. Slipping into an adversarial role with them. It is at this time the telemarketing rep will be able to determine whether or not the prospect meets your lead-qualification criteria.

In the close of the conversation, the telemarketer should restate the agreed-to next steps and ask for confirmation.

Being able to use the new information your telemarketing employee has learned along with the sales techniques takes practice. Role-playing is critical to telemarketing training. Both a variety of objections and a variety of types of prospects should be rehearsed.

Assign the newly hired rep to a mentor, most likely one of your best staff members who can coach and support the new person.

Long term success

Some unrealistic expectations can short-circuit a good telephone marketer from doing their best at identifying qualified leads. The telemarketer cannot be expected to do more than one job. Their total focus needs to be on lead generation.

As you know, telephone marketers face a lot of rejection on the phone and need support to keep their enthusiasm up. The callers’ manager should consistently reinforce the idea that rejection should not be taken personally. Occasional motivational boosts will help them feel recognized for their efforts. Publicly recognize individual telemarketers for their accomplishments. Create a team atmosphere and encourage them to share tips on what techniques are working best for them.

When you maintain an optimistic, continually improving environment, you will have great results in hiring, training and keeping your best employees. When you encourage a winning attitude, you will hire and keep winners.

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