How much new business do you need from your B2B marketing?


How much new business do you need from your B2B marketing?

How much new business do you need?

Let’s say your company did $10 million in sales this year and wants to increase sales next year by ten percent. So you’ll need to increase sales by $1 million, right? Wrong!

Instead, you’ll need to find another $1 million in sales plus enough additional revenue to replace lost business. 

Companies in the B2B marketplace report losing between 10-20% percent of their business each year due to competition, mergers, and acquisitions. Or they lose business when customers move away or no longer need their products or services. (Source: Straw polls taken at the seminars and workshops I conduct across the United States and Canada.) 

So, your company’s sales have been at the $10 million mark, and you now want to grow your sales revenue by ten percent. First, you’ll need to generate an additional $1 million–$2 million in new sales to replace your lost business. Then you’ll need to generate an additional $1 million in sales to meet your growth goal. (To figure this out using your numbers, download my Sales Lead Calculator.

As your company’s marketer, you may be under the gun to generate forty percent to sixty percent of this new business sales revenue. In other words, the revenue from sales opportunities your company’s salespeople, reps, resellers, or distributors won’t find without the help of your one-to-many, marketing-driven lead-generation programs. 

My marketing consulting work tells me that many marketers lack a real plan for generating the quantity and quality of marketing leads needed to meet sales revenue goals. 

An effective marketing-for-leads plan includes bottom-line-oriented marketing communications tactics that focus on generating, nurturing, and qualifying sales leads.

These tactics include e-newsletters and targeted direct mail, e-mail, and telemarketing offers that attract real prospects to raise their hands. They include webinars and seminars that cover hot industry topics, product demos, and how-to content offers. They also include great websites that help prospects move forward in their buying process. And search engine optimization, so your website is found when people search on the Internet.

Your goal is to work with sales to identify the real marketing opportunities your company’s salespeople can transform into new or incremental business.

The most challenging marketing-for-leads plan to develop is your first one. That’s why I offer a free downloadable marketing plan development guide and companion worksheet created specifically for business-to-business marketing managers and CMOs. 

How to  Boost Your Sales with Marketing is a step-by-step guide to creating a business-to-business marketing plan that drives leads and sales. 


Marketing Plan That Drives Sales Worksheet is the companion to the guide. This detailed worksheet is designed to walk you through the steps outlined in the guide.

Once you have read the guide and completed the companion worksheet, you’ll be able to justify your sales, marketing, and marketing communications budgets to your CFO and CEO. You’ll also be ready to start using proven marketing strategies and tactics that will generate more leads and sales.


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