Simple steps to a B2B marketing plan

Developing a B2B marketing plan designed to drive leads and sales is really quite simple

  • Identify your destination. (Your company’s sales revenue goal)
  • Determine how best to get there. (Your marketing strategy)
  • Get started. (Your marketing tactics)
  • Measure your progress. (Your marketing results)
  • Make course corrections. (Modify your marketing plan based on results)

So why do so many B2B marketers never get around to developing and using marketing plans?

I’m guessing it is because they don’t want to be held accountable for the results. Unfortunately, I’ve found the results of not using marketing plans usually begins with the word “No.”

  • No budget
  • No staff
  • No raise
  • No respect

Or it results in the biggest “No” of all: No job.


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